A Confusion of Runtimes

If you count the original broken python version I made back in high school for an english project, I've been working on how to make text adventure games for almost four years (by no means continuously). And I only just realized the fundamental error in how I've been going ...

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The Making of Session21

I've been working on this one for a while now. Not continuously, but ever since I wrapped up A Night in Algiers it's been itching at me to explore what I could really do with the namespace. The core of the idea was to make a blackjack mini-game within ...

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The Making of Breakout, Again

I've been interested in learning to use Godot ever since I found out ByttenStudios was using it for their new game. A fully-featured open-source game engine! So exciting. The thing was, I was a little nervous to try out a new editor. I had spent so much time learning to ...

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The Making of A Night in Algiers


In junior year of high school I chose to write my independent thesis on Albert Camus' The Stranger. I may have picked it because it was the shortest book on the list, but I found it captivating and frustrating and was very pleased with my decision. I wrote my ...

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The Making of Breakout

Breakout, or as I knew it, Brick Breaker, used to be my favorite video game. It was about the only video game I knew for a time, and I would play for hours on my dad's Blackberry phone with a physical keyboard and scroll-wheel. So I was pretty excited ...

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The Making of Flappy Bird

After Pong, the next game in the CS50G curriculum was Flappy Bird. It represents a huge jump in time (I was actually alive when Flappy Bird came out), but I think it's a nice-sized step in terms of development. The project introduced me to the idea of state and ...

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The Making of Pong

As I write this in March 2021, it's been almost a year since I started working with Unity. Nobody quite knew what we were getting into at the time, and online companies were making a big show of offering their services for free to give people something to do for ...

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