From Hello, Dolly!

This was a really fun arrangement to make. Hello, Dolly! is my favorite musical and it was so fun to try and fit all the musical brilliance and joy that's happening in this song into just two lines clarinets can play. I think I did ok at giving each time through the chorus it's own distinct feel, even without being able to switch up the instrumentation. Maybe one day I'll do the whole song, but for now the piece starts with the dance break after the opening vocals, includes the first few choruses, and then skips to the end. What was especially cool was that my clarinet teacher was working as a sub in the 2017 revival of Hello Dolly at the time, so he swung me the actual sheet music the reeds were playing in the pit! Which really helped for some of those trickier sections. Give it a listen here.

Tags: Clarinet, Music